AQUOGA ® Teacher Training Certification Program  

Start a new career as a Certified AQUOGA Instructor 

Dive in today!

AQUOGA ® is a fifty minute aquatic exercise class combining aerobic movement, adapted yoga postures, isometric movement, strength training, meditation and breathing techniques.

AQUOGA ® classes are held in pools and in the sea, at fitness facilities, spas, retreat centers, rehabilitation centers, universities, and vacation hot spots

Become a Certified AQUOGA ®  Teacher and bring this exciting aquatic exercise modality into your community!

AQUOGA ® classes attract a wide range of students: 
  • AQUOGA ® offers a bridge for people who have had a solid yoga or exercise practice and now need a gentle, low impact medium because of physical challenges or health issues. 
  • AQUOGA ® presents an exciting new pathway for people who are seeking to add the latest exercise practice which combines movement and mind-body techniques into their repertoire. 
  • AQUOGA ® evens the playing field. Students with weight issues, who are new to exercise, or have balance challenges find that AQUOGA ® methods offer a solution in a comfortable environment where they can achieve their goals. 
In an AQUOGA ®  Teacher Certification Training you will learn:

  • A dynamic teaching method which combines shallow and deep water exercise techniques, meditation and breath-work unique to AQUOGA ® 
  • A class format and teaching methods that make your classes fun and stress free
  • Meditation, Visualization, and breathing techniques to support your students in their AQUOGA ® lifestyles
  • An introduction to using AQUOGA ® tools such as floatation belts, water bar bells, and pool noodles
  • Conscious Communication and class conduct tips for supporting and focusing your students
Note: Tuition includes Teacher Training Flow charts, and a course packet. Students are required to purchase a basic equipment tool set: Floatation belt, water bar bells, and pool noodle (AQUOGA ® Teacher training will include a resource where these items can be purchased upon registration).

*An introductory AQUOGA ® weekend or classes with Amy are encouraged before taking the AQUOGA ® Teacher Training Certification Program. 

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